The Rehmani Qaida Course at Quran Courses Online Academy offers an exemplary foundation for beginners seeking to learn Quranic Arabic. Designed to systematically teach the pronunciation, articulation, & phonetics of the Arabic language, this course is ideal for students of all ages. Whether you are starting from scratch or need to refine your recitation skills, our experienced instructors guide you through every step with patience & expertise.

Rehmani Qaida, known for its effective methods of teaching the basics of reciting the Quran, is at the core of the course. Through interactive online sessions, students gain a solid understanding of Arabic letters, vowels, & the rules of Tajweed, enabling them to progress towards fluently reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation. Our aim is to make learning accessible & engaging, ensuring students not only learn but also connect with the language of the Quran.

Course Overview

The Rehmani Qaida Course is divided into multiple levels, each building upon the previous one. Each level covers a specific set of lessons & exercises that allow students to progress at their own pace. The course begins with an introduction to the Arabic alphabet, encompassing the isolated letters & their formation within words.

This is followed by learning the different sounds of each letter & how to pronounce them correctly. Following that, learners will be acquainted with the different regulations of Tajweed, which govern the correct pronunciation of the Quran.

Throughout the course, students will also learn how to recognize and read commonly occurring words in the Quran, helping them build their vocabulary & comprehension skills. By the end of the course, students will have a strong foundation in Quranic Arabic and will be able to recite the Quran with proper pronunciation & fluency.

Teaching Methodology

Quran Courses Online Academy use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that each student receives personalized attention & is able to learn at their own pace. Our instructors incorporate visual aids, such as diagrams & videos, to make learning more ianteractive & engaging.

We also encourage students to participate in group discussions & activities, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, our instructors provide individual feedback and guidance to help students improve their pronunciation & recitation skills. Our aim is to create an engaging & instructive Quranic Arabic study experience.

Read & Listen Online Rehmani Qaida

In addition to the interactive online sessions, our students can access the Read & Listen Online Rehmani Qaida. This feature allows students to practice their recitation skills anytime & anywhere.

The online version of the Rehmani Qaida includes audio files for each lesson, enabling students to listen & recite along with the instructor. With this resource, students can review & revise their lessons at their convenience, helping them reinforce their learning & progress faster.

Benefits of Learning the Rehmani Qaida Course

Learning the Rehmani Qaida Course at Quran Courses Online Academy offers many benefits beyond just gaining proficiency in Quranic Arabic. Some of the key advantages include:

Registering for the Rehmani Qaida Course is very beneficial for students. They expand necessary miraculous & problem-solving talents, which benefit them in various areas of their lives.

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